December 31, 2019

Violin wine cellar at Brandi Gate Hotel & Spa

Violin Wine Cellar in Cau Giay Hanoi

   Violin Cellar was born with a new mission of bringing the essence of wine to customers. The cozy atmosphere here gives diners the experience of being very close when enjoying wine, not too stylish but very elegant and trendy. The soft light creates a cozy polite space, the colors brown, black, and gold bring intimacy.

  •  Wines

  Rượu vang tại Violin Cellar

   Violin Cellar currently owns hundreds of bottles of wine and dozens of famous wine brands that are imported in bottles from the regions and countries of origin of wines worldwide such as Italy, France, Germany, Chile , .. The bottles of wine with luxurious and polite design and details are meticulously cared for and placed in wooden boxes, leather boxes in a solemn, eye-catching and suitable with the current trend..

  • Foods

   The combination of wine with dishes is also an art. The unique aroma of wine when accompanied by fatty, sour, salty, sweet and bitter dishes creates a harmonious whole for the whole  meal. Red wine is often very easy to combine with popular dishes, especially Vietnamese and Asian dishes such as grilled seafood, fried poultry meat, fried, roasted meat and boiled red meat ... And white wine Very suitable to drink with light appetizers, sour taste such as salad, vinegar salad and with dishes such as steamed crabs, crabs.

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September 12, 2018

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